Secure Common Payment Page is a service prepared for the companies which cannot estblish their own payment page for different reasons like not wanting to host Cardplus e-commerce payment page on their side or the hosting firm not being able to supply the requried conditions, lack of technical resoures etc.

What is Secure Common Payment Page?

Secure Common Payment Page is the payment page designed for common usage which is hosted at Cardplus’ secure platform and also maintained and secured by Cardplus.With the help of this system it is possible to use Cardplus Virtual PoS system without making any special adjustments on the the server where Virtual Stores are reserved.Thus, the compulsion of obtaining SSL certificate is eliminated.

Why Secure Common Payment Page

Secure Common Payment Page will provide you with the following advantages.

  • No need to make complicated adjustments for payments on the store software side.
  • Since there is no reason to load special configuration and programs for the integration of the payment system, compulsion to get private hosting packet is eliminated.
  • The compulsion of obtaining SSL certificate for the site is eliminated.Secure Common Payment Page is using Cardplus 128 bit SSL certificate.
  • Maintenance and security of Payment Page is provided by Cardplus.
  • Customers will make payment on Cardplus page more safely and more easily.