Credit Card Application

Who can make credit card application?
Everone who is over 18 years old with regular income can apply for a credit card. Apart from this, people without regular income and foreign nationals have to apply with accompaniment of a guarantor.
Which documents are required for credit card application?
Completion of credit card application form and photocopy of national identitiy, driving licence or passport is sufficient. Where necessary, photocopy of any of these documents could be asked for the guarantor.
From where can I make credit card application?
You can make credit card application from branches of member banks of Cardplus.
How long is the credit card evaluation period?
Your credit card application submitted to any branch of member banks, which is completely filled, agreement part signed up and required documents attached, is evaluated within 10 days.
How can I learn the result of my application?
You can learn the result of your application by calling our Customer Services at 4445000 or the branch where you made the application.
Which documents are required for credit card application for foreign nationals?
Foreign nationals can apply with the photocopy of their national identitiy card, residence permit and work permit accompanied by at least one guarantor.
Is it necessary to re-apply when credit card is expired?
Your new credit card is issued 1 month and delivered minimum of 1 week before its expiration date.

From where can I make additional card applications?
By filling out “Additional Card Application Form” at the branch where you originally got your credit card from or Cardplus member banks. If you are an Internet Branch user, you can log on Internet Branch and apply for additional cards.
For whom can I make additional card application?
You can make additional card application for anyone who is over 18 years old. For those under 18 years old can only get additional card with their parent’s permission letter.
How can I make the payment for the additional card?
In the additional cards connected to your card, spending of the additional cards are transferred to your original card on the statement date. Therefore, there is no need for separate payment for the additional card.
How can I determine my additional card’s credit limit?
Additional card’s credit limit is determined by its original card holder.

Password (PIN)

How can I get a password (PIN) for my credit card?
The password (PIN) of your credit card is created for the first time by you with the help of staff in charge during hand over.
I forgot my card’s password (PIN), how can I learn?
In case of forgetting your card’s password (PIN), you can re-create a new password (PIN) by contacting any branch of our member banks with your identitiy card.
How can I change the password (PIN) of my card?
You can easily change the password (PIN) of your card at branches of our member banks or ATM terminals.

Payment and Credit Limit Information

What is a statement?
It is a document containing your spending, credit limit, plus point, debt and payment informations between the previous and present statement dates which is monthly sent to your address on a regular basis.
How can I increase my credit limit?
You need to contact your bank, in order to get your credit limit re-evaluated.
Can my statement be sent via SMS, fax or e-mail?
Your statement is sent to the mobile phone, fax number and/or e-mail address you stated in your application form. Otherwise, you can make a request by calling our Customer Services at 444 5 000.
How can I change the date of my statement?
You can make a request by calling our Customer Services at 444 5 000 or contacting your bank.
Kredi kartı ödemelerimi nerelerden yapabilirim?
You can make payments to your credit card from closest branchesof our member banks, ATM terminals or by automatic payment order.
How can I make paymets automatically to my card?
You can authorise your bank to pay your credit card debt from your bank account. You can inform the branch or use the Internet Branch to adjust total or minimum amount of your debt to be deduced from your account.

What is Late Payment Interest?

What is Delayed Payment Interest?
It is a monthly net interest rate charged in case of paying less amount than your total debt by the payment due date.
How is the interest calculated?
After the payment due date, in the cases of paying the minimum or more amounts by payment due date or if there is no payment, interest is charged over the remaining debt until the next statement date. No interest is charged if you pay all your debt by payment due date. Daily interest is charged for cash advance.
What is cash advance fee?
It is a fee for each cash withdrawal from your credit card.
What is over-the-limit interest?
It is an interest rate charged in case your total spending and cash advances you have made exceed the credit limit allocated for your card. Over the limit fee is 3% of the amount which exceeded the total credit limit of the card.
What is BSIV?
It is Banking Insurance Operations Tax.
What is annual membership fee? Why is it charged?
What is annual membership fee? Why is it charged? Credit card, is a long term credit relationship of the card holder getting many services from the bank. Credit card membership fees start with the card request and continues as long as the card is posessed and legally charged to the card holder once a year as the cost of operational activities and various services executed by the bank.

The credit cards funding your spendings are not only a payment tool made of plastic, but products of high technology supported by many cost and investment items. Credit card membership fee which is a standard application not only in TRNC but all over the world, has legal support by both being in accordance with law and the contracts you signed as our card holders.


What should I do in case my credit card gets lost or stolen?
You need to call our Customer Services at 444 5 000 or make lost/stolen declaration from the website. Your card will be out of service from the date you make this declaration. Your new card will shortly be issued and you will be informed.
How can I restrict my card to mail order (shopping over internet and telephone)?
You can ask to restrict your credit card to shopping over the internet and telephone where your credit card number is used, by calling our Customer Services at 444 5 000.

Spending Objection

How can I object to an expenditure in my statement which I think it does not belong to me?
How can I object if I think there is a spending which I think does not belong to me? If you believe there is a spending which does not belong to you, you can object by calling our Customer Services at 4445000.


How can points be obtained?
You can obtain Plus Points in all your spendings in both TRNC and abroad. You can obtain more Plus Points at the firms working under agreement with Cardplus at your shoppings made by both installments and single payment. Each Plus Point you obtain is equivalent to 1TL.
How do I spend the points I have collected?
You can use your collected bonus for FREE shopping at any time in any Cardplus member merchant.

Member Merchants

What do we need to do in order to get a POS machine?
If you are working with one of Cardplus member banks, it is sufficient for you to go and make a request to the branch where your accounts are by filling out the “POS Application Form”.

If this is the first time you will be working with Cardplus, you need to go to the closest branch of our member banks you prefer. After providing the following documents and filling out the “POS Application Form” , necessary evaluation will be made and you will get informed.

Tax Registeration Certificate,
Certificate of Approval,
Photocopies of Partner’s identities,
Taxpayer’s Registeration Certificate.

What do I have to do if POS machine malfunctions?
What do I have to do if POS machine malfunctions? You can inform and get assistance on the problem of the POS machine you are using by calling Customer Services at 4445000.
From where can I provide slips for POS machine I am using?
You can request slips which are used in POS machine from the branches of Cardplus member banks or by calling Customer Services at 444 5 000.
What is Virtual POS?
Virtual POS, is a POS software enabling the merchants who support shopping over the internet to make revenue over the credit cards. After the customer who is shopping from a website, enters his credit card information in the form within the website, this information systematically reaches the bank to take provision. This sofware allows provision to be taken securely, in other words, it operates compatible with SSL ciphering technique which prevents 3rd parties from catching the information being transferred over the internet. Cardplus enables the shopping amounts of provisioned transactions to be deduced from the credit limits of credit cards transferring the amount to the member merchant’s bank account.