Important rules to follow for your card safety:

1- Do not share your card and password (PIN) with anyone.

2- Do not leave your password (PIN) written down as a note on your card or anywhere in your wallet.

  • In case your friends and relatives want to make use of your card, since giving your card would be a crime, you can ask for additional cards to be issued and restrict their credit limits to a certain ratio you want. Original cardholder can have up to 99 additional cards
  • When you get your card, first thing you must do after creating your password (PIN) is to sign the authorised signature section at the back of your card.
  • Do not share your card number, its expiry date and the last three digits printed at the back of your card (CV2 – International security code) with anyone.
  • In case your card is detained by ATM, you should contact your branch or call 4445000 as soon as possible.
  • In your internet and tele shoppings, always prefer the firms with System Security Licence, Global Sign and 128 bit certificates.

Note: Regarding to the recent increase in fraud cases, do not give any details to people who want to learn your credit cardinformation by presenting any reason.