E-Commerce – Virtual PoS

One of the keys of electronic commerce is the system called “Virtual PoS”.Virtual PoS is engaged when payment over the web is in question.VPoS (Virtual PoS) is a version of PoS (Point of Sale) machines and systems that we use in our traditional shoppings which allows us to commerce over the websites.In a word, we can call this Internet adopted PoS.

Using Virtual PoS, payment system and platform is set up between buyer-seller or seller-supplier.The system simply relies on the transfer of charged money for the received product or service from the buyer’s account at a bank and credit institutions, whom details are entered over the company’s website, to the company’s bank account.

Applying this system is extremely easy and toilless.Is is sufficient for a company who plans to trade its products and services over the web to first of all sign merchant and e-commerce contract with the bank where his business account exists first, then install VPoS software of the bank to its website.

Operation of Virtual PoS is quite secure, during This porcess all transactions are made digitally.  It is very difficult to solve in-out transacitons with digital signature and digital certificate since security systems rely on SSL 128 bit encryption algorithm.

Benefits of using Virtual PoS for your business;


  • It is the most effective and secure payment method on commerce made by internet.
  • It increases retails around 35-40%.
  • It takes your business from a narrow area and city to nationwide popular network, moreover, it increases export resources.
  • Provides great value to your business in terms of image, promotion and competitive power.
  • It enables much shorter trade time than the face to face sale process.
  • Transactions on the electronic platform are completed quickly, which saves time.This improves customer satisfaction providing continuity.

System Characteristics and Infrastructure

  • Opportunity to provide services to merchants which make remarkable difference by using secure, scalable, high-performance Internet payment infrastructure and facilities
  • Detailed and customizable card fraud management systems suitable for merchants (FraudShield – FraudAnalyzer)
  • Security encryption of credit card information stored in the database
  • Web based reporting and management tools
  • The feature of supporting thousands of merchants on one server
  • 99.5% availability with continuous service
  • Frontend integrators like Broadvision, Vignette ve Microsoft Commerce Server and API connections provided for CRM applications
  • The feature of defining time based processes to the system by renewable/periodic transaction management (For example monthly membership fees)

Fraud Protections

fraudFraud checks are made with two different modules,  the FraudShield and the FraudAnalyzer, protecting your e-commerce revenue, hence, minimising fake orders.

Merchant Web Applications:

First of all, it is important for the merchant to have the necessary platform, i.e. to have a website and a virtual store, and host these applications on an appropriate server.

Virtual PoS Integration:

Virtual PoS IntegMeans developing separate applications for each website.

  • Contacting merchant official,
  • Analysing system requirements,
  • Developing necessary applications for Virtual PoS Integration,
  • Training authorized people to use the system correctly,

in short, developing, managing and concluding projects for each merchant is required.

Integration which will be provided for the merchant involves 24/7 operation services.

Virtual PoS Operation:

Integrating Virtual PoS to website of the merchant initiates the e-Commerce operation.

Virtual PoS Fees:

  • Entrance Fees (will be charged once prior to integration):
  • 3D Secure V-POS: 200USD (is preferred and recommended)
  • Monthly Maintenance and 24/7 Technical Support (will be charged monthly): 20 USD /Month
  • VAT is included in our prices.

From where can I make Virtual PoS application?

3D Secure is the Assurance of Internet Commerce

  • The cardholder registers his credit card to his bank via internet banking.
  • The cardholder does his shopping on the e-store compatible with the system and passes on to the payment section.
  • The cardholder will receive a screen for his bank where his operation password is asked.
  • The cardholder continues by entering his password.  Operation is completed when the password is verified by the bank.

What are the benefits?

  • Transactions made over the internet became more secure with “secure internet commerce” solutions “Verifiedby Visa®” and “MasterCard® SecureCode™” which are developed by Visa and MasterCard.
  • Decrease in fraud transactions and guaranteed payment:Due to the security of “Verifiedby Visa®” ve “MasterCard® SecureCode™” commerce solutions, resembling chip&PIN method, guaranteed payment will be provided along with a decrease in fraud transacations.
  • Decrease in the costs:With a decrease in Chargebacks, costs will be decreased saving time.
  • Increase in sales:According to a research made in Germany, Spain and England by Visa Europe, the security provided by Verifiedby Visa encouraged 84% of the people who do not make any shopping over the internet to shop and 71% of the people who already shop to shop more.

Cardplus Virtual PoS Application Evaluation Criteria

The applications you are making to Cardplus is evaluated over the following criteria related to your internet store. The application of companies who do not meet these criteria is rejected.

  • What is(are) Merchant site address(es)?
  • Is there a product catalogue and shopping basket in the website of the merchant?
  • Are the links working on the website of the merchant?
  • Does the company have authorization about the logo and brands found in the website?
  • Does the website of the merchant have a content about customer rights (return, cancellation and guarantee circumstances)?
  • Is there any information on delivery?
  • Is there “commitment to privacy and security policy“ on the website of the merchant?
  • Are the products that the merchant is selling on its website appropriate to Turkish Law? (As an example; according to Turkish Law sales of the products like porn, gambling, drugs and firearms which are illegal in the physical world are subject to specific provisions.)
  • Has the merchant put full descriptions about the products it is selling to its website?
  • Do merchant’s name, address, telephone and fax numbers and e-mail address(es) exist in the website?
  • Is the merchant going to commerce with the same Virtual PoS on its more than one websites?

Please read the above points carefully and do necessary correction to fulfill the requirements.