CARDPLUS is the first MasterCard with chip of TRNC which is valid everywhere in the world, possessing international validity.



It is the most trustworthy card of TRNC, due to its chip and PINcharacteristics. Security is at the highest level by means of PIN determined solely by the customer. Noone is able to know the determined PIN apart from the customer. It forms an extra security precaution against the card being lost and stolen.


Cardplus has both credit card and debit card properties. By means of this, customers can get their current accounts connected to their credit cards and use it as debit card at the same time.

cardplus_creditcardAdditional Cards

Cardplus who accepts no boundaries in serving customers issues Additional Cards. Thus, it enables original card holders give Additional Cards to as much people as they like.


ATM Support

Cardplus presents the opportunity for cash withdrawals from ATMs in TRNC and all over the world. Our customers can benefit from all ATMs in the world for 365 days a year and 24 hours a day.


Free Shopping

Cardplus which presents its customers the opportunity of making their shopping in installments, is awarding them with PlusPoints. This way, with the PlusPoints gained, customers have the chance to make free shopping.

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